Front Row Seat


This Amish child is enjoying the best seat around as mom heads to the local store. I was parked at a store and saw them coming and managed to get this shot.The kid was waving as they came down the road but I have no idea who she was waving too.


4 responses to “Front Row Seat

  1. Nice shot. What kind of bike is that? I see no pedals, etc. But since I’ve never ridden a bike in my entire life (turned 71 early last month), I’m at a loss to figure this contraption out.

    • It is a scooter.I do not know why but amish never ride bicycles, but scooters are just fine? maybe a bike is to fast or modern for them? Congrats on the birthday.

      • You would be amazed how much ground they cover on these things.let me know when you want me to ship you one.I know where to go to get the ones the amish make and sell. they even come in crazy colors,and for a group that shuns being showy it confuses me.

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