The Road To The Rainbow


I went out last evening for lightning photos and came home with a rainbow shot.A serious storm blew through with zero lightning strikes but it was close to sunset and I could see the horizon beyond the storm looked relatively clear and I thought to myself the conditions are just right for a rainbow or a great sunset,so I better drive around and see what develops.This rainbow suddenly appeared and was absolutely intense and lasted a good while,but I was not in the best area to take advantage of it but this image with the still glistening road satisfied my quest.The sky and clouds turned absolutely gorgeous after this and I may post one or two in the coming days.


14 responses to “The Road To The Rainbow

  1. I stopped on 222 on my way home from work and took a picture with my phone but the shot you captures is awesome! The sky last evening took mu breath away!

    • Thanks Deb.You would not have wanted to be along with me last night.I set some serious speed records on the wet back roads to get a couple shots.I have not seen a sunset so spectacular in quite a while.

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