Storms Are Building

stormy-intercourse2Very hot and humid weather has been creating the right conditions for afternoon storms recently.I photographed this set of storm clouds from the safety of my truck and used the tablet to fire the camera sitting on the tripod outside. There was only one lightning bolt,but it was to my right off camera. Amazingly,it never rained here,but came down in buckets just up the road.


8 responses to “Storms Are Building

    • Very simple actually. I shoot a nikon,so I bought a device called a camranger,which sits connected to the camera and sends a wifi signal to my tablet and then on my tablet I have the camranger app that controls the remote shooting as well as changing the shutter speeds,aperture etc works at pretty good distances as well.In the old days I would use a wireless remote but then had to walk back to the camera to see the shot,but now i walk with the tablet and can view each shot from far away.It would be great for bird photos if i had a spot i knew birds were visiting,even without short telephotos.

  1. Great! Very painterly overall impression, wonderful light, excellent composition. Truly pulls you in while at the same time makes you stand back in awe of the clouds. Sincere congratulations, Donald!

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