Lemonade From Lemons


This little fall scene was one that proved to be a bit challenging but it all worked out eventually. I spotted this scene while searching for fall photos and a late afternoon downpour and dark conditions had these lamp posts on in the middle of the day.The funny part of this story is the way the lights played with me,and made me return later in the evening.When I noticed the lights were on,I rushed to park and get set up while things were saturated,but unbelievably the exact moment I got out of the car,the lights turned off.It was getting brighter out,so I looked for a sensor somewhere that might be controlling them and I found a short post with an electrical box on it that looked like it had a sensor so I threw my jacket over it and within thirty seconds,the lights came back on and I was all proud of my ingenuity.So I start walking back to my tripod and just as I get ready to start snapping,they turn off again and my bubble is burst and I realize the post had nothing to do with it. So Basically I had to return later that evening to wait for the sensor to activate again and allow me to get the shot.

I am actually standing on a driveway leading into a park and I am in the exit lane. I was wearing a neon blue rain jacket holding a huge umbrella and a lady that must have been about eighty years old came driving in and decides to cut the corner and slams on the brakes about 8 feet from plowing over me.I apologized because I was on the side of the road but I felt like saying maybe you should not have a license if you can’t see something so obvious.