Historical Society


This was actually a test run for a shot I hope to do this winter with full snow coverage.It is the local historical society grounds,and I recently spoke with them to see if they had any interest in adding some holiday decorations such as a nice wreath on the door to spice up the shot and I want to bring luminaries for the sidewalk on the left.  My first impression is they might be up for it. I will share a little information about the shot so everyone can understand the effort involved. First my camera was mounted on a pipe attached to a 6 foot ladder,so my camera is about nine feet off the ground so I could position the clock in the center of the main building and be close to parallel.Next I used my flashlight to spotlight the wall behind the clock to add some interest, and then I lit the lantern on the wall with my flashlight and the area surrounding it as well as the tree on the left. Things that complicate a shot like this are the brightness of the clock face which quickly overwhelms the scene at longer exposures,so you need to capture that early in the shot before it gets too dark,and there are street lights that have a terrible red cast that becomes hard to work around. Below is a visual in case anyone wants to try this crazy idea. I mounted a board to the ladder top,then a pipe fitting to that so the pipe can thread into the top. Lastly I used a bogen head and clamp to get my camera to be able to articulate however needed and it can go up or down along the pipe. The things on the camera are a wireless transmitter to fire it and a camranger to send a wifi signal to my tablet.

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