Cape May Light Show

cape-may-christmas cape-may-christmas4

I spent a day in Cape May this past week and spotted this gorgeous home all decorated in colorful lights and seasonal decorations. The owner graciously allowed me to come behind the fence to add some light here and there to get what I was after. Next year I plan to go for a couple of days and go on the home tour they have in town. I shot a few more homes after it got dark,which I usually hate to do because I don’t like black skies,but a few that I chose were on the tour and just the glimpse I got when folks were going in was enough to make me drool at the amazing Victorian decor that was inside. There are also horse-drawn carriage rides that make you feel like you have traveled back in time. The colored lights shining on the white paint here presented a bit of a challenge for me but hopefully I captured something that reflects the beauty.The bottom photo is from the steps of the porch and included the ornate santa keeping warm by the pot bellied stove.


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