Biting Cold


I shot this a few days ago when the temperature was exactly four degrees and a light breeze blowing which multiplied the effect. The problem was I decided to walk 50 yards from where I parked without gloves and carrying a metal tripod.After a minute or two I could not feel my hands and the pain got so intense it made me dash for my vehicle. It took at least 5 minutes till the pain subsided and I got warm again. Hope not to repeat that anytime soon. I also walked onto what I thought was the solidly frozen stream but as I took the third step I heard cracking,so I gingerly backed up


8 responses to “Biting Cold

  1. Gorgeous shot – going for the picture for the light is worth it but don’t walk on ice -that is just taking your art too far! Hope your winter is otherwise warm and cosy…:>

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