Late Evening Snow


Late evening light shines on this Amish farm as snow showers fall in the distance. I wish I could somehow share the brutal cold so everyone could get the whole experience of getting the shot.


12 responses to “Late Evening Snow

  1. Sometimes adding people to the shot help convey that feeling. I saw a guy with a tripod the other day and thought it might be you so I drove down to see. It wasn’t but I thought the picture told a story.

  2. That’s one great sky!

    The painter in the above post … that’s the exact spot where Morrie and I were on Sunday morning. You missed a great sunrise! (Mine traditional shot will post tomorrow). Anyway, kudos on the great farmscape!

    • Thank you. my truck was leaking anti freeze so i did not trust coming,but i woke up to look out and realize i should have risked it.thats was one of those shots that lasts about two minutes,then its gone.

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