Memories of School Days

akron-rd-one-room akron-rd-farm-pines3

This set of images are from the same location,with the top view featuring the front of this private home and the second image of the pines and farm at sunset is the view out the back yard. I originally stopped to ask if I could shoot the view of the farm but then thought maybe I could do a neat shot of the house as well. At one time the main stone building was located about a mile away and was called the Bethany one room school which was built in 1858. The current owners saved the old structure by dismantling it and having it rebuilt piece by piece at this picturesque location. The bell on the roof adds a nice touch and thanks to the cooperation of the owners allowing me to go in their home to shine a light out the window,I was able to accomplish the lighting I had pre-visualized to get the shot here. I took this set of images this past weekend and the snow is practically gone at this point.