Welcome Gnome


Not my typical photo subject but since I made it,I Figured I would share it. We live beside a rail trail that is almost finished and after years of planning,debating,arguing and worrying,the trail has turned out pretty nice after all. Our property is at the top of this hillside and since we had this old stump sticking out on the hill,I figured I would build this little gnome home to give trail users something to visually enjoy. I made the roof,ladders,balcony and added some tiny benches,bikes,gnomes and railroad spikes to commemorate the old railroad that once ran here.So far everyone that sees it really has enjoyed looking at the little imaginary world where tree stumps are homes. I shot it at dusk and lit it with my spotlight.

10 responses to “Welcome Gnome

  1. that is so neat, you are so creative; what a trail we would have if lots of people would do this kind of decorations.

  2. I walked the trail all the way to Main Street today for the first time, and saw your captivating display. I was curious about who had created such a nice little setting along the trail, so I walked around the block and made note of the house number, then looked it up and found out it was you! I was going to write you a letter, but found this, so decided to write to you here. I love what you’ve done at your property to delight the trail walkers, both young and old. I have to say I found it interesting that you have embraced the trail, while others along the way have posted No Trespassing and Private Property signs. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, and as time goes on, I hope others will realize that living along a rail trail actually enhances property value. Thanks gain.

    • Thanks Kathy. The gnome house was done to hide the old ugly stump and I will be adding a sign for the gnome lodge this weekend.I have gone from fighting the trail to embracing it to fighting certain things and back again.We have come to appreciate the final result and I want folks to enjoy their walk and make it a place of enjoyment and pride in our town.Countless folks have commented on it and really appreciate our efforts as well,so thanks for commenting.

  3. When I saw the gnome house I guessed this might be your doing!! I LOVE it (I run by pretty regularly)… it’s especially fun seeing families with young children get all excited to see it.

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