Country Vantage Point


I have driven down this road many times but never realized how nice the barns would be in the background of a photo. Shot this on a sunday morning as Amish buggies head to church.I used my tablet to fire the camera from inside my truck to stay a little unobtrusive and used a long lens to compress things. The surprising thing was the buggy coming toward me had music thumping on a stereo which made me do a double take.

6 responses to “Country Vantage Point

    • yeah thanks. just before I shot this the Amish guy on the right stopped his buggy on the road to ask what I was doing. I heard this monster 4×4 coming like an idiot and told the Amish man he better move and now, and thank goodness he did because this moron was flying.

  1. I enjoy seeing all of your amish pictures. I think my mom and I will be coming to visit Lancaster for a few days in the summer.

    • hopefully the humidity leaves till you come. this is ridiculous right now.this spring the weather men were saying how cool a summer we will have again. talk about clueless

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