Country Road Infrared


This infrared scene features a quiet back road in Pennsylvania.It is wonderful to find a place devoid of power lines and signs everywhere.

7 responses to “Country Road Infrared

  1. “devoid of power lines and signs everywhere” <–photographer's utopia. Congratulation on the find; lovely scene. The detail sure pops with infrared. I've never dabbled in, but would like to some day.

    • I have two nikon cameras that i use for old d70 and a d200 that was converted by life pixel to shoot only infrared.I use photoshop and shoot raw but for infrared I use jpgs to do the black and white conversion because photoshop cant handle the raw data for some reason. The model of camera you use plays a big role in your results because some sensors handle infrared better than others.I used to use a filter just like you have but with the camera converted i can shoot handheld if I need too. Check out for good info.

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