4 responses to “Backup Plan

  1. Hi Donald, I might be mistaken, but I think this is an Amish event, as I believe one of the differences between the Amish & Mennonites, is Mennonites drive cars. In any event its a great pics……..Hal

    • Some mennonites drive cars,others buggies. this was a mennonite thing because they were dressed different than the Amish attire,plus I have only seen an Amish pair of girls on a bike one time in twenty five years and it was late at night on a back road,and they probably would have gotten told about it had they been seen.Amish do not ride bikes,they do the scooter thing only.

  2. Lancaster County is not but a 40 min. drive away for me. I’ve seen Amish & Mennonite buggy’s traveling the roads many times. The one with a bicycle rack is rare. Never saw that before. You can usually tell which buggy belongs to who by their shape. I’ve forgotten what it is! Sorry,

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