Cabin On Moose Lake


The title sounds good but it’s actually just an old building in need of a little TLC and it is situated by a very small pond. All the illumination you see was added by my flash or flashlight.The interior was pitch black but going around to the back yard and blasting my flash toward the rear windows lit up the interior to give it a new life so to speak.My flashlight is quite bright and attracted more flying insects this night than I wanted, and that made the shoot a little rough.

16 responses to “Cabin On Moose Lake

  1. Really nice work on both of these. Kind of wish I’d have taken a crack at it now. And if you want a bigger bug challenge … try light-painting in Maine when the Junebugs are out. The tend to be the size of a small aircraft and love flashlights and human faces that happen to be closeby.

    • Thanks.I am not totally happy with the end result because I think I over lit things.I had some really nice individual shots but struggled to bring them into a cohesive shot that had the feel I wanted.I emailed them and if they respond in a positive fashion,maybe I could let you know so you could work your magic if your interested.The guy who said I could shoot it was real friendly.Yes I have experienced the maine no see ums and they are a nightmare.a head net would be nice up there.

      • Yeah i went back and forth on that. no light on the reeds and you could not see them against the water.I had some outstanding reflection ones where i tossed a stone in to ripple the water,but then my lights in the windows files would not blend properly.if i could have the real lights on,then it might be the cats meow.

  2. Awesome! I was thinking that they no longer light that up until I read your post. I’m sure it was a lot of effort but that is really a great shot. Even the wheel looks like there’s a light near it. Next try to find a place to park and shoot the small waterfall in Marlboro on route 82, you probably passed it.

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