K-9 Trick or Treaters


This local Animal Hospital is a real jewel in the downtown business district where it is located and I always seem to be drawn to glance at it as I pass by. The tasteful sign,cool colors and intricate woodwork all team up to create a rather inviting facade for pet lovers bringing their four-legged family members for a checkup. When I first stopped to ask if they minded me doing a shot, I noticed the interior included a bunch of stuffed animal dogs dressed up for Halloween,and the display was awesome in the window,but I could not see them from the angle outside. I asked how crazy it would be to place a couple outside the entrance to include in the shot and they gladly obliged.As usual there is always something to complicate the shoot and for this one I had two issues. The first was a street light that came on and caused a terrible red cast and the second issue I had was my tablet switched the file format from raw to jpg somewhere in the middle of my shoot. Raw allows color balance adjustments that jpg can’t match,plus the file sizes are totally different, so even though I had some great lighting effects on a bunch of frames,they were worthless as jpgs,so they got deleted as unusable. Some of the best interior shots I captured near the end of the shoot were trash because of this issue.What is frustrating is the fact that it happens randomly and unless I look at every filename while shooting,it is hard to catch.