Rooster Street Butcher


A rainy evening provides an extra touch of beauty to this photo of a local business. The stars in the windows were particularly difficult to capture during this shoot. Whenever it is rainy and misty,my camranger device experiences problems sending the signal from my camera to the tablet,so while I was across the street lighting this,the equipment kept dropping the signal.The other problems I had were whenever I went into the shop to blast a flash out the window,it would fire one out of ten times because the signal was not reaching inside very well,and the glass seemed extra thick because it was causing glare at almost any angle I used the flash at. I tried high,low,and everything in between and the majority had flare on the glass. Add a non stop stream of cars going by on the road and you get a feel for how tricky it is to pull a shot like this off when some of your exposures are 4-8 seconds and you are standing in the rain with no umbrella. My camera had an umbrella over it but not me.