Rainy Night Jewel


This winter has been a huge let down and temperatures have been in the sixties a lot of the time,which is ridiculous but I have been taking advantage of the warm rainy nights when I get the chance. You have no idea how tricky it is to do a shot like this when the road in the foreground has a constant barrage of cars going by. I had my camera on a tripod,another tripod was holding an umbrella over my camera and I was across the street lighting the scene. The hard part is not being able to see the cars passing by till the exposure is already started because the house was in the way,and shooting at between 2 and 6 seconds means you have to get real lucky to find a break in the traffic that long. There was many times when cars were lined up the length of a football field and I had to hope no one would be brave enough to try and take my camera from the sidewalk, so I had to be on my toes throughout the shoot. For anyone who shoots in the rain, I have found using the clear photo sleeves used to display matted prints works well to protect my tablet and flash from wet weather. I wear a rain coat and find an umbrella causes too many problems with trying to operate the tablet and the flash,so I just cover the equipment instead. For me, the rainy reflection just takes this image to the next level. The tree on the left was a bit of an issue compositionally so I cropped the house slightly but I think it urned out to be a very cool shot.