Trucking Towards Spring


This is one of the larger ice sculptures created for the Lititz fire and ice festival this year. It was a delightful 14 degrees when I arrived here at dawn and with winds around 15-20 mph, it was much colder with the wind chill. I was dressed to deal with it but even with hand warmers,my fingers were hurting pretty good because I cannot wear heavy gloves and still operate the camera. The camera batteries held up for about an hour till replacements were installed allowing me to continue shooting. This sculpture was done for a local car and truck dealership in town.

7 responses to “Trucking Towards Spring

  1. awesome sculpture Don, sorry you had to get your fingers cold to get captured on your lens but well worth the wait and cold to see the finished product. We in Texas will be wishing for the the ice truck in just a few months or maybe earlier causes today high was 85 degrees. LOL

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