Your Carriage Awaits

beautiful-carriage beautiful-carriage2

I wish I owned this thing just so I could haul it around and photograph it. I am not sure why you would let something so nice sit outside in the rain when there is a barn thirty feet away but what do I know? There is a second carriage located here that looks like it was made for cinderella and I shot that a while back. If you want to see that shot,search my site for The stroke of midnight. Again it is hard to pick which version I like best.

5 responses to “Your Carriage Awaits

  1. Love the carriage and love the photos. Wish I had it and a few horses so I could take it for a ride whenever I wanted to but having horses in the apartment is not good so I will just have to dream about having rides in the beautiful carriage. Thanks Don once again your photos make me smile. God bless you and your family. Happy Memorial day weekend. Kat

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