Drag Strip Division

york-rods-2016 york-rods-2016a

The next week or so will include images I shot at the East Coast Street Rod Nationals in York,Pa. I am not a regular car show visitor but this show always has vehicles that are absolutely amazing and I go when I can. If you have a car or truck that is stunning, you can always count on the fact that just around the corner there will be one equal or better. Personally I look for shots with no people,canopies or junk and a show of this magnitude makes it very hard to accomplish that. This truck caught my eye where it was parked and it is a 1932 ford truck owned by Steve Turner. The white area and lettering is from the mid fifties and the new rear fenders needed painted, so the red parts got fresh paint. Steve says it rides like a small,cramped,noisy truck but it is great fun. If you take notice, the black and white version which was shot with my infrared camera, did not register the red wording on the hood. Infrared is something that puzzles me to this day but the way it records clouds and foliage is always neat.

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