Saddle Up Cowpokes

amish-kids-pony-toy2 amish-kids-pony-toy

This shot is another good example of being in the right place at the right moment. I was driving around a while and not seeing much worth capturing and as I came down this back road, there was a large group of Amish playing volleyball. I usually have to make quick decisions on whether I am going to try a shot or not and in this instance a volleyball came bouncing across the road in front of me as I approached. I stopped my vehicle to let them retrieve the ball and in doing so all attention was on me in my truck. Needless to say I did not shoot the group staring at me, but as I pulled away I noticed the same property had a driveway up ahead and it looked like a couple of kids were riding something and heading up toward the road. I readied the camera and managed to focus and get a few frames off before they headed back down the drive. These Amish kids were riding the neatest little ponies on wheels and for all I know they were built by the parents. Had it not been for that volleyball crossing the road and me stopping,these kids would have been nowhere within range to get these images. The Amish are generally very private ,so I find it very rewarding to be able to find unique images and capture what I feel are little glimpses into their lives.