4 responses to “The Hobbit Cottage

  1. Since I’ve visited this enchanting and fascinating garden site a number of times (a visit is like a mini-vacation), I can share a secret with just you, Red Sox Lady. “The Hobbit Cottage” is a working spring house at the Jim’s Landscaping Scenic Showcase (2822 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster). Although I’ve not visited frequently enough to have actually seen them yet, I believe hobbits inhabit the spring house. They’ve no doubt determined the shelter and accommodations furnished by the spring house to be comforting, appealing and picturesque (beauty always being a critical consideration by hobbits). Hobbits are very discerning and particular critters, so the landscaping company can feel very fortunate and honored that these little people have graced one of its garden structures and help take care of the garden’s flora and fauna. Few people have the insight to recognize possible hobbit homes. Photographer Reese obviously has a very perceptive photographic eye!

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