Bilbo Baggins Summer Home


This little structure reminds me of something from the Hobbit movies and I was just waiting for Bilbo Baggins to emerge under the lantern. I really liked the result I achieved here using my flashlight to illuminate the front wall and the lantern as well,which was actually broken and non functioning. I waited till the ambient light level dropped to a low-level and then used my flashlight to cast a warm tone on the front while the cool of the night burned the edges a blue tone,creating the contrast of warm verses cold.


4 responses to “Bilbo Baggins Summer Home

  1. I love your light painting photos, do you do a lot in post to achieve this look? They are more like paintings than photos and I can’t seem to get mine to look like this.

    • a little of both. most times it involves white balance and shooting at the right time.if i use a warm light source when the ambiant is cool,I can get that blue/warm look as i shoot,but you can do that in post as well.

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