Don’t Look Back

amish-mowing-pair _DSC4633-2

While this is no great shot,it did leave me cracking up till I was done shooting it. Lately around my area you have been hearing people make comments about safety on the farm and kids getting hurt and while I understand the well-meaning thoughts,I also think that it is none of anybody’s business how they choose to teach and raise their kids. Obviously there is nothing wrong with trying to insure kids stay safe, but people moving to the suburbs often have no clue about living the life the Amish choose. Getting back to the shot here, I must admit I cringe a little whenever I see barefoot Amish kids mowing as a team with the old-fashioned clipper mower,where one uses a rope to help pull from the front. I can tell you the little one fell down a couple of times but big brother seemed to be very careful about stopping. The hilarious part for me was they never knew I was taking their picture till the last shot shown here where he looks at me,and three steps into looking at me he runs smack into the metal wall and I hear a thud off the wall and he drops to the ground. They both laugh and then head in the barn for other chores. Just wish I had it on video.

4 responses to “Don’t Look Back

  1. I saw a book on the Amish of Pennsylvania at Barnes & Noble recently, and the photos were nowhere near the quality of yours. You’ve probably been told this before but you really should publish a book. This blog would be a great place to promote it.

    Keep up the good work.

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