Got The Time?


Sometimes you just need to be in the right spot at the right time of day to see the potential and although I have driven down this road several times in the past, I never saw the light quite as nice as it was this evening. I parked and set my tripod on the truck roof to get a better perspective of the road and linked up to my tablet and wi-fi to fire the camera from the driver’s seat. I sat here for the better part of an hour this evening as the light got dimmer and dimmer and getting a 500th of a second shutter speed was getting harder to achieve with every passing minute. I was getting close to packing it in when I saw the girl coming up the road with her horses and I could also here a buggy coming from behind me. I was hoping the two would be in my shot at the same time but as I saw the buggy coming in my rear view mirror, I noticed it had a pickup truck right behind it that was afraid to pass. I knew this might be my only buggy till dark so using a little creative manuevering,I poked my head out the window and flagged the pickup truck to stop and I asked if they knew what time it was? The passenger seat had an Amish guy sitting in it and he gave me the time and asked what I was shooting? I said that pretty red barn, and all the while we were talking I was pressing the remote to fire the camera on the roof above me and he certainly heard it but it did not really matter. As you can see I got the shot, and I plan to return to get something better yet if possible because I love the way the road leads up through to the barn.Sometimes you just have to think fast on your feet if you want to get a shot, and thankfully this time it all worked out.


4 responses to “Got The Time?

  1. you got them “commin and goin”.. I hope your wristwatch wasn’t showing when you asked the time! (maybe u don’t wear one) in any event- GREAT SHOT!

    • actually I am very perfectionistic and years ago my doctor advised I just leave my watch off because I was very fixed on being on time and any deviation would bother helped a little. thanks

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