In Memory

nickel-mines10th-anniv nickel-mines10th-anniv2 nickel-mines10th-anniv3

Well I decided to make a trip down to Nickel Mines tonight and do a little personal tribute to remember the little girls who were lost. Upon arrival I noticed the five white roses someone had left on the post at the site and after I snapped that image,I went up the road to capture a beautiful sunset that was very nice,especially after nothing but rain for days,and the bottom photo is me releasing five sky lanterns at the site. The lanterns climbed gently into the sky and burned bright for a nice long time,and I was glad I went.

8 responses to “In Memory

  1. “Do a deed of simple kindness; though its end you may not see, it may reach, like widening ripples, down a long eternity.”
    –Joseph Norris

    Donald, thank you for your deed, it brought tears to my eyes.

    • Thank you. I was all alone except for one car that stopped to watch me send the lanterns skyward,and although its been 10 years, It still affects you.The little lights in the sky were symbolic of the little souls heading skyward to me.

  2. God bless you for your remembrance. Did anyone notice or comment about the 5 rising balloons? Or was it your own private witness to them?

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