Seasons Greetings


I got a call from someone I know who always has something nice to say about my work and she had a request to capture a shot of her hometown main street Christmas decorations. I knew the street was super busy most of the time and the street lights are very bright,so they tend to become way too bright before the rest of the scene settles in. I told her I would think about it, and then because I tend to be the type of person that likes to get things done, I went the same night and tried to find an angle. I picked an angle up the hill behind me and twenty minutes into the shot,I noticed this better angle and so I started over here. This image is comprised of maybe 8 to 12 individual shots to get everything right. One shot was just of the sky and the bright lights at the right exposure and then I shot a series of images capturing most of the street without cars and their headlights in each area of the street. The hardest piece was the area on the near left that is a post office and it had two cars parked there for nearly 45 minutes. They finally left and I could capture that area without ugly vehicles there. I had an umbrella on a pole over the tripod the whole time but it was a very raw and wet night,but in reality I was glad I made the effort and it turned out to be a great photo thanks to the shimmering road and the festive lights.