Mud Sale Season

I snapped this image before the local Mud sale officially got under way this weekend. For those not familiar with them, mud sales are held in Amish country in the spring and get their name from the typical muddy conditions of spring. A snow storm came through the day before and coated these buggies that are lined up for purchase at the auction. I just did not have the desire to battle temperatures in the low 30s and winds of 20 mph during the actual event,so this will have to suffice.

6 responses to “Mud Sale Season

  1. It almost looks like a black and white photo!
    I studied the picture and just barely noticed the color of the green grass poking through the snow, and the reflectors/lights (?) and brown wheels on the buggies.
    Looks cold!!!

    • Thats correct. I was already sick at home and decided I was going to stop there for 5 minutes to get a shot.The snow was blowing hard so I used an umbrella to shield the lens,but I didnt wear gloves and actually I never minded it while shooting, but when I got back to my truck,I was in intense pain and that lasted till I got was worth the trek but i could have planned a little better.The funny thing is I had gloves in my truck and hand warmers but was too preoccupied with getting the shot first.

  2. I hope you’re feeling better because I know how much you like a good snowstorm and there seems to be a nice one on the way. Great shot.

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