A Girl and her Goat

This Amish girl caught my eye as I drove by because I could see she was really proud of her little playmate. I snapped this image from afar after she had gone in the house with the goat and came back out a minute later.

4 responses to “A Girl and her Goat

  1. That is just precious!!
    Your Amish photos are some of my favorites!

    PS, any chance of getting a shot of your new birdhouses in the spring /summer? (the ones you had built recently and posted covered with snow). Those are such neat birdhouses… Would love to see them with birds in the photo! No pressure though! Ha ha

    • thanks,always enjoy finding such moments. I have not seen a lot of birds at them and think i mounted them too late in the spring.will keep my eyes posted. If you are on facebook,check out my gnome village I built behind our house. it borders a rail trail. search Nibbles McGibbles on facebook. i built everything there.

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