The Escape Plan

I was out trying to get a sunset image and came down a back road to find these three Mennonite girls chit chatting along the road. I drove past them and wanted to turn around to try getting a shot and as I drove up the road I noticed a buggy was headed past me and going toward them.I quickly put a long lens on,turned around and as I approached they started to laugh and I knew they were on to my plan. I quickly leaned out my window just in time to capture them making their getaway in the buggy. I loved the three colors they were wearing and was glad I turned around to get this image.

2 responses to “The Escape Plan

  1. I’m impressed that you knew these were Mennonite girls esp since they have black aprons on! Alot of people can’t tell the difference between the Amish and Mennonite.

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