Heritage Days

One local community in Amish country holds what is called heritage days every year in the towns park and I usually drive around the area trying to get images of folks heading to the event. You would never know it by this image but it was getting very late and was very dark when I saw this scene coming together and it forced me to shoot at 2000 iso almost wide open. It is kinda noisy in a large version but still I loved the girls waving to the guys coming up the road as they headed to heritage days.

6 responses to “Heritage Days

  1. Again – you are consistent in capturing the essence of Amish. I recently read that Amish do not mind if one takes photos of them however, they do not like to stare into the camera. I absolutely LOVE your photos. Maybe the better word would be “admire” your photography. Keep up the good work!

  2. This is a fabulous photo! The most striking aspect to me is all the bright, varied colors of their clothes, against that beautiful sky, which is such a neat color too!
    Well done!

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