Hydrangea Fever

This is the fourth hydrangea I shot in the last month and they are starting to slowly fade but they are just so appealing with their pastel hues.This image was taken just a stones throw away from the shot I posted yesterday and I noticed it as I was going to the house I shot first to let them know the image was going on my site. This property had a couple challenges to overcome like a kids swing set,which is hidden behind the plant. Choosing a wide-angle allowed me to use the flowers as cover for the swing set. I also have my tripod about a foot off the road and thankfully there was no distracted drivers to run me over here. Again,a nice home owner turned some lights on for me to help get my signature look that I go for in these shots.

2 responses to “Hydrangea Fever

  1. Applause applause applause. Yes, I like how you got the full shot of the house in this one. Yesterday pic and today pic are … okay …. um…. stellar! Frankly, your photos truly inspire me keep working on my own craft which is painting. As I age I appreciate color more than ever – especially after cataract surgery. Your photos (to me) have the “gaze factor”. Thank you for sharing your gift for all to enjoy. I look forward to seeing these every day.

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