Elegant Beauty

This pair of shots was taken at the same location looking opposite directions on a calm Sunday morning. I was hoping for a buggy to come by to get in the shot but after an hour of waiting,it simply was not meant to be on this particular day. The Victorian home in the top shot is full of beautiful details and the wrap around porch is in a class all its own. They just do not make them like that anymore.

8 responses to “Elegant Beauty

  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous photo and I am absolutely jealous! I have two hydrangeas that just refuse to flower for me. Thank you for finding these beautiful old homes!

  2. You have patience of a saint if you wait an hour for the buggy! Cant believe on a Sun. morning there wasn’t at least one going thru. Beautiful shot without buggy! ( do u & ur scooter ever use the rail trail?)

  3. Victorian homes! I am originally from the east coast and I do very much miss those exquisite painted lady’s. Thank you. I want to step into those photos like a Mary Poppins I tell ya! I look forward to tomorrows photo. I make my morning cup of coffee and tune in for the picture of the day. 🙂 🙂

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