Splendid Colors

This morning includes one of those times I will remember for the missed opportunity. I decided to drive around Amish country looking for images and as I came down this road I was struck by this family heading toward me. There are actually 4 young ladies dressed in the most beautiful shade of aqua blue in this shot and mom in a contrasting pastel pink. I was at the end of a farm lane watching them come towards me and it was a one in a million view because all four little ones were walking side by side,but do you think I could raise the camera for a shot? They were all staring directly at me wondering why I was there and I just could not manage to snap a picture of them from the front, but this image of them after they passed is still kind of neat,so all was not lost.

8 responses to “Splendid Colors

  1. That photo is just plain precious! Who’d have thought the Amish women would one day wear such brilliantly colored clothing?
    If you have a chance to speak to the children, perhaps at a food stand of some kind, after they get over a bit of shyness, they are so polite and well-spoken.

  2. This a beautiful photo showing the pastel colors chosen by this Amish mother. I understand why you couldn’t take a shot as they came towards you; this trailing photo captures the true beauty of the Amish and their desire for privacy. You do a great job, Don, never crossing that line!

  3. I do appreciate that you are not a “in your face” photographer ! I’m sure that some Amish do not like pics that show the face-( much as some of would luv to see) We get the idea of how very special this sighting was! tyvm…

  4. Thank you for your respect. I used to be Amish and a friend of mine was horrified to see her picture in Country magazine hanging her husbands underwear on the line. She was in her ratty milking clothes. Someone took the picture from the road. People like you who have the integrity to control your own desire for someone else’s benifit is exactly what the Christian church needs more of.

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