Back in Time

I went on my first visit to Big Spring farm in New Holland,Pa for two days of exhibits and live demonstrations of traditional threshing and harvesting methods using restored antique and vintage tools.There was hay making,threshing and countless displays that offered a glimpse into the past.The image above was one I was hoping to get all day, and amazingly I somehow got drafted to shoot it. It includes a gorgeous Conestoga wagon that was part of a wagon and tractor parade held during the event and the team of horses was equally impressive. It was packed all day long and people were walking everywhere,so even if I was lucky enough to see the wagon in the right spot,there was always a million people walking in the shot.

The end of the day came and it was really thinning out and I noticed they were hitching up the horses,so I just hung close to see what was going on. Turns out they wanted a shot with the wagon and the old log cabin and I assume since they saw me with a decent camera,that is why they asked if I would do a shot? Of course I was all over that opportunity and we tried several angles and locations and this was one of my favorites.The poor Mennonite girl driving the wagon was getting frustrated with me because it was cloudy all day until of course the time came to shoot this. Clouds were overhead but they refused to block the sun and I kept saying just one minute,just one more minute.Even without the soft light,I was pleased with the shots and the opportunity to shoot this without all the junk around.I even asked one guy to move his truck for this,but if you want something nice,you do what it takes sometimes.