Absolutely Incredible

This little story is about my experience on a recent Sunday and begins in the morning and ends around supper time. I was out shooting photos when the family in the upper photo came cruising by the old mill I was shooting so I snapped a shot of them going by and made special note of the boy in back nearest me reading a book. I went home around 9 am and hung around the house all day and decided to go back out for some evening photography around supper time and I headed over to the same area from my morning adventures. As I pull up to the stop sign located by the mill in the top shot, I could not believe my eyes, as the exact same family was headed the opposite direction from where we crossed paths hours before. I had no time to grab a shot, but I drove a short ways ahead and captured them once more and low and behold the boy was reading his book just like in the morning.

I don’t know if anyone else has these types of experiences but there have been many occasions over the years where I see something that catches my eye as I am heading somewhere and as I am heading back the other way an hour or more later,I cross paths with the same crazy looking vehicle or person in the exact same spot or whatever that makes me think we are on some kind of parallel universe. this one with the buggy had to be among the most bizarre over such a long time period. I know the dad driving the buggy noticed me both times and he had to be thinking I waited all day to see him again.