Sudbury Massachusets

This is very first scene I shot on my New England trip. When I got here there were a lot of people,so I headed 60 miles north for the afternoon and returned toward dusk to hopefully have the place to myself. Well that plan quickly went south as some lady decides to do a portrait session right in the middle of the mill by the waterwheel. Now I understand it is open to anyone but she shot the same person for 45 minutes and everything she shot was too close to the mill to even include anything but some stone,so she really seemed to have no clue and I was getting close to saying something when she finally packed up. I walked around and lit everything with flash as it started getting dark.

4 responses to “Sudbury Massachusets

  1. I really enjoy the stories behind your photography. This is an exquisite photo – gorgeous subject matter. I would love to stroll around this and also inside – this is the next best thing to being there – thank you. Someday I want to go back and visit my home area of Massachusetts. There is truly beauty wherever one goes – additionally, the New England states truly have a lot of historical buildings and the foliage – well – I can say for sure – striking colors! Great photo. This would make a great painting with a little boy fishing on the banking next to the water. Would you happen to know how old this watermill is? Just curious. Gorgeous scene.

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