Autumn Rain

I really like shooting in the rain,but I hate trying to keep everything safe and dry while doing so. This was taken last night after I had the urge to shoot something fall related. This is a local historic site and I noticed the stone wall on this runoff area had been redone and thought it looked nice with water flowing through as it poured all around me. I would like to say I planned how everything lined up but in this case it was pure luck. I set up my composition before dusk and waited for the light level to drop and after sitting there for a half hour I noticed the two lamp posts on the left were lined up with my flowing water and I thought if only they would light up and reflect in the water. Now I know they had electrical problems with these lights last year and they were not working so I figured it was hopeless but low and behold they come on just when I needed them too. I actually wore hip waders here because I knew I might want to walk up the stream bed and I was glad I had them on.

7 responses to “Autumn Rain

  1. Outstanding! This is another inspirational photo I wish I could paint someday. BTW…wanna hear something cool I read yesterday (since you mentioned rain)? Perhaps you may know this but I sure didn’t. There is a name – yes a NAME for the smell one smells when it rains (that rain smell). It is called: Petrichor. Now when you smell rain coming you can tell anyone within earshot: “It’s smells like petrichor”. Beautiful photo.

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