Teton Sunrise

Since I am not shooting much right now, I may share some images from my past trips. This was taken in the Tetons at dawn and one memory I have from this spot is leaving my expensive Gitzo tripod sitting behind my car and then driving off and after going 5-10 miles looking in the back seat to realize my error. I drove 100 mph to get back here which scared the daylights out of my friend but it was still sitting there. Hard to shoot 8 second exposures without a tripod.

18 responses to “Teton Sunrise

  1. That photo is just simply STUNNING.
    I’m so glad you are starting to post again….obviously there were a lot of us that were worried about you. Thanks for being so transparent and sharing with us (in your last post). We all have our struggles, you are not alone. A couple of years ago when I was overwhelmed with some extremely difficult circumstances, I woke up in the middle of the night one night, unable to sleep. Decided to make a list of the things that were worrying me, as I had heard somewhere to do. I wrote down all I could think of, and prayed and said, God, this is in Your hands. I’ve got to give all this to you, because I know I can’t handle it. I was able to go back to bed and sleep, thankfully. Things weren’t easier immediately, but of course eventually got better. I found that list the other day, after having forgotten all about it, and realized that God had taken care of every single item on the list. And some things were darn near miraculous, taken care of in ways I never expected.
    I will be praying for you . Hope you are feeling better soon.
    I can see how it could help you to post even pictures of past stuff like you are doing now….or even how you just happened to get that shot the other day, without having to go out specifically with that purpose. Seems like it would be good for the head.

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