A Quaint Cottage

This adorable home has always intrigued me because of its unique exterior and its placement in relation to other homes on the street. I decided to ask if I could capture a shot with all the flowers currently blooming and they said sure. After speaking with the owners I found out they love the beach and that is reflected in the exterior styling. The house is over a hundred years old and after a small tour I could see they put their heart and soul into the home. I actually had a few obstacles this night and choosing to do this on a night with 15 mph winds was not my best move, but the real problem I had was the depth between the foreground and house. First I started shooting by focusing on the house but then the flowers were not sharp, so I switched focus to more in the front which left the house questionable. I shot a ton of images lighting the bushes and what not but they would not register after I changed focus, so even though I had better shots, without the house sharp it would have not worked. The following evening was calm as could be and I wondered why I could not have waited 24 hours?  In my defense it was supposed to rain for two days and I worried the flowers would get beat.