Rainy days Reflection

Sometimes too much rain can actually help with photo opportunities and this shot is an example of that. There is a walking path that goes right beside these maples but thanks to heavy rain, the creek which is to the right was high and runoff was collecting in several low areas. The water provided a good reflection and the sunset contributed as well. I was wearing muck boots which are about a foot high and after I finished shooting I was walking on the path in about 8 inches of water when I must have ventured off the trail and found myself with water cascading into my boots.

18 responses to “Rainy days Reflection

  1. Love your work! Enjoy seeing beautiful Lancaster County! I moved to Florida over 20 years ago and you bring back many memories for me. So glad you are back to posting more. Take care!

  2. Donald, you take such beautiful photos. Words cannot describe how picturesque all your photos are. I am fairly new to Lancaster County, and I love every one that you have sent out! This photo with fall colors and sunset and reflection is very very special.

    Just wanted to give you a hearty “thank you”!

  3. Enjoyed this scene! And thanks for sharing a bit of what you went through to get it. Sometimes “the hard times” make us appreciate the picture more. Sorry you had to get wet feet.

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