A Lonely Rainy Night

This evening found me shooting in the pouring rain in the Lititz Springs Park and my determination was certainly put to the test under what was basically a non-stop downpour. The whole time I was shooting I only saw one other poor soul walking through with an umbrella. There is a magazine in my area called Lancaster County Magazine and they contacted me this year to be included in a story on Christmas in Lititz in their December issue. I just saw the magazine tonight and the article was wonderful and their printing was an exact match to my images.

26 responses to “A Lonely Rainy Night

  1. Another beautiful Lancaster County scene captured perfectly! Congrats on a well deserved spot in the magazine. I had never heard of it but will now see if I can find one somewhere.

  2. Thank you for putting these up. You certainly just made a happy Sunday for me. Not sure if the rain is helping you, but you sure do make something beautiful out of it. Congrats and well deserved! I’m going to see if I can order a copy of the magazine online.

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