Fairytale Dreams

This image was taken at the bi-annual Christmas show at Poole Forge mansion. I always enjoy shooting this event which includes a variety of decorated trees and this display one was among my favorites this year. It was done by the owners of a local Ice cream shop named Lickity Split. I brought the two candles with me to the shoot to give it a nice added cozy touch.

8 responses to “Fairytale Dreams

  1. This was my favorite too, because it’s so different and bright. I was very disappointed that the dolls weren’t there. That has always been my favorite! I was hoping you took pictures there and I’ll be expecting more. 🙂
    I have a signed photo of yours with dolls at Poole Forge and I hang it every Christmastime.
    Thank you; really enjoy your art!!

    • I was a little underwhelmed this year and yes the dolls were always my favorite to shoot as well. Little side story, last time this was held, I showed up at 430 am to do my shooting and that house always creeped me out, so I go in, lock the door and proceed to the doll room. As I walk into the room I see the huge tree is on the floor and ornaments are everywhere and it also landed on two dolls but they were okay. First thought is, oh my a ghost was at work and maybe I should leave? I kept thinking there is no way they are going to believe it fell on its own, so I call the coordinator, she comes right away and after some investigation we find the tree stand had stripped screw holes and was not able to keep its grip on the tree so sometime overnight it went timber. The problem I have is my active imagination is always thinking the worst. I do have two or three others I did but there was too much advertising that turned me off for certain shots. Hope the dolls come back next time.

      • Maybe the dolls come to life at night. 🙂
        I was also underwhelmed and told the greeter I miss the dolls. ! I have already gone twice the same year to adore the dolls. I also told Santa he smells like beef and cheese. He laughed and I asked if he knows the movie ELF, and he never saw it. haha …oops. I told him he’s a good sport! 🙂
        Hope they don’t focus on advertising because it does take away some beauty.
        Thank you!

  2. Not sure if this ever posted….

    I don’t know how many times but I get there every time! The photo I have from you, they were in the master bedroom by the fireplace with a small tree on their table. I remember them at least twice on the first floor and the party in the small bedroom. I’ve had my husband’s grandmother’s doll fixed up at the Village Doll Hospital in Blue Ball. That’s a fun shop to adore the many dolls, and she is part of a club. How many times have you photographed them? I don’t recall seeing them on your page; that could be it’s own album. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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