Covered Bridge Stars

I saw someone mention on Facebook that somebody had hung a set of Moravian stars in a local covered bridge for Christmas and I knew I had to check them out. I shot this at dusk with my tripod set right at the corner of the entrance and I also brought my candles along that resemble luminaries to give the shot a little more ambiance. They are led candles and there is no heat or danger involved which is so much better than trying a shot like this with anything involving a flame as should be pretty obvious in such a structure. The most difficult problem was the stars were hanging by thin wire and they would spin even in the lightest air movement. I tried two solutions, the first was watching the stars spin, then they would pause and spin the opposite way so if you timed it right, you could get them fairly blur free. The second way was to hit each star with a shot of flash which froze them no matter how they were moving. The bottom photo was taken at sunrise and they had no lights on inside them, but at dusk there were several that  lit up, so it almost seemed they had some kind of timer on them because it was dark in the morning just like at night.

18 responses to “Covered Bridge Stars

  1. So great to see you out and about again ! I’ve been wanting to go check this out too. Any traffic while you were setting up the candles?

    • Maybe ten cars total the whole time I was there. In the morning I was all alone for at least an hour. they were neat at night with the light on inside a few verses the morning.

  2. So pretty! Someone took time to hang those and placed them symmetrically balanced. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to shoot this and share it.

  3. Love those shots! Especially the one with the luminaries… I really like how you placed them. The stars came out beautifully lit, and the whole picture is glowy and magical looking. Nice job!

    • seems to going fine although mine used to start all orange and go to green when done and yours is half green/orange,then green. mine has a button on each side and yours has one button. thanks.

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