Snowy Rail Trail Evening

This is a part of the rail trail that runs through my town and it looked very peaceful with the snow-covered trees. If you look at the light post you can see how heavy the snow was falling and I found that as long as I was shooting toward the shadows, it looked like it was a clear night. An umbrella is a key element on nights like this.

18 responses to “Snowy Rail Trail Evening

  1. Another beautiful, peaceful shot!! How did your gnome village look? 🙂 I just recently read about it, never knew who takes the time to enchant all of us who ride the trail. 🙂 We stop and enjoy it. THANK YOU!

    • I have it covered over the winter to help it last longer. Unfortunately my enthusiasm for that is less than stellar because of the medicine I take. that seems to subdue the bad and the good.

  2. Don – We have one of those Rail Trails up this way, also. Named the Bartum Trail it follows a old railroad bed that was there back in the early 1900’s. I will be going there soon.

  3. Ooh I really love this! It is so beautiful and I wish I could be walking through it right now – magical, Christmassy feel as if like out of a fairy tale with a horse drawn carriage!

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