All by Myself

Everybody seems to cower in their cozy little homes on nights like this, but I enjoy the peaceful nature of having the entire street to myself.

8 responses to “All by Myself

  1. so good to see your photos again, thankful that you gave us your awesome snow shots ! I guess the various police officers have become accustomed to seeing this guy and his camera set up on any street , at any time during the night ! Be safe out there…

    • Actually not to far off. One time I asked Sheldons if I could move stuff out front of the store to get a shot and he said sure, but when I actually came back early on a Saturday, some nitwit walker saw me moving a garden flag and before you know it three cops have me cornered thinking I was stealing stuff. Another time I had my tripod set up on the sidewalk shooting a building and was doing a series over an hour long, so I sat in my warm truck and used my tablet to operate the camera. Again someone could not make sense of a tripod and camera and a guy sitting in a truck and here come the police again. they were cool both times and off they went.

  2. Thank you for all your efforts, you must have quite a reputation among the security, not knowing where next you will appear. Bless you for sharing with us

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