Black Ice Danger

Almost took a tumble when I walked down the road to the far end of this barn to check it out. Road was part wet, part ice and of course I had my tripod on my shoulder. It got my heart beating as I scrambled to stay upright.

14 responses to “Black Ice Danger

  1. God’s postcard. Send it out to the world.

    Your “heart beating” was God’s way of telling you “You’re Alive!”

    He blessed You with talent and an photographic eye. He gave you a gift, don’t squander it. Make the best of it, and live your live knowing that you have purpose and that you are loved.

  2. Glad you didn’t go down! My mom just broke her leg recently from a tumble on the ice!
    I love the lighting in the photo, and the color of the sky. What time of day is this?

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