The Old Homestead


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    • here you go. One of the earliest buildings in our area was a log cabin built in 1724, eight years before George Washington was born. It was located at the foot of North Eleventh Street on land which is now the Loyd Roland Memorial Park. The cabin was built by Philadelphia fur traders who met Indians each spring as they came to drink the medicinal waters and trade their furs. The building had wooden shutters on the north and east sides. The shutters had holes five inches in diameter, which are thought to have been used to look out for unfriendly Indians who were living in the area at the time. Many arrowheads have been found in the fields surrounding the cabin.

      A farmhouse and barn were added later. In modern times, the farm was owned by Clayton Wenger, Sr., who operated a bottled water business which was famous for its spring water. It was known as the Bond Spring Farm.

      Clayton Wenger, Jr., sold the farm to the Borough in 1951. The log cabin burned down in the early 1940s, and the Borough dismantled the barn after purchasing the property, but the original farmhouse still stands and is being lived in today.

  1. This is so pretty! I have enjoyed all the snow photos you’ve posted lately and since I will be one of those people complaining about the heat soon, I will revisit all of them. Thanks again for the time, effort and patience it takes to bring us these beautiful shots!

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