My Autumn Display

Todays post features my property which is located along a rails to trails path. For those who are not from my area, I have built what has affectionately become known as the Gnome village. It is a hillside display of hand built buildings that function as the backdrop in which the gnomes reside. It has become somewhat of a destination for trail users looking for a place to let their imagination run wild as they check what the gnomes are up too and how things might have changed from month to month. Last year my issues with depression found me with zero desire to decorate for fall, which by the way is my favorite time of year. Sensing that my ability to keep up my old pace is waning, I felt it was time to do an autumn display again. The hill leading down to the trail presents some real challenges and keeping things in place takes extra planning. I am proud to say that this years layout was done all by myself and has gotten a lot of appreciative comments. If you are on Facebook, you can see more of my village at