Back to Basics

In a world of ever increasing gadgets and technology, I find that there seems to be more and more of a disconnect between people and simply saying hello to your neighbors has now been replaced with mind numbing texts and social media postings about absolutely nothing of significance. The term social media is about as far from reality as you can get. Their are a lot in the latest generation that will grow older realizing they have wasted much of their life accomplishing nothing of any substance.

Todays post reminds me of when I was young and instead of wasting time on the phone, my grandpa would take me to the farm shown above and we would cut and load firewood together on weekends. I have heard it said that most people will not remember you for what you accomplished, but rather how you made them feel and I believe that is true. This image resonates simplicity and calm, and I fear the generation coming up will never have those personal interactions that create memories for a lifetime.

13 responses to “Back to Basics

  1. This place is so beautiful! I pass it many times. I appreciate your thoughts and comments as well.

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  2. Yes Yes YES I can get worked up about the faults of technology and the lack of social skills being cultivated in kids!! It’s a battle and effort to live simply but we really try! Thanks for the great picture! We “old farts” are the lucky ones. 🙂

    • glad to hear I am not alone. When I went to school, they taught you whats expected, now they don’t want to hurt their feelings. and they wonder why things are screwed up?

  3. If that grandpa was my dad, knowing that he did that with you makes me happy. You are like my dad in so many ways, approaching every task with the belief if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing well. So proud of you Don! As I was of my dad. He would be too!

    • you are correct and thank you. If my memory can recall back that far, we hauled the wood in that long station wagon with the rear seat facing the cars behind you. that was the original thrill ride for kids.

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